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Transitions can be a powerful time, and this relocation is no exception. 

The relocation has afforded us an amazing opportunity to restructure and realign the Lily Grace Foundation to become more globally accessible and impactful. To the best and fullest of our ability, we wish to support all those who have been touched by Autism/ASD. Our goal is to provide resources, services and programs both, online and in person, so they can be accessed and utilized anywhere in the world. Beginning October 2023, we will be consciously building the groundwork and partnerships to align with our new direction of global charitable support. 

Lily Grace Foundation will be actively moving towards creating both, local and digital, Mindfulness Rooms and Signature Resilience Programs for ASD classrooms and other people or organizations who support, influence, or work with the ASD population and communities. The Signature Resilience Program programs are backed by the science and power of HeartMath and positively impact many dimensions of total well-being, such as: 

  • Reduction of Stress and/or Anxiety

  • Increase Calmness and Ability to Focus

  • Develop New Base Line Heart/Brain Coherence 

  • Increase Executive Functioning and Decision Making Abilities

  • Create Positive Physiological Changes and Balancing of the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Increase Personal Resilience and Base Line for Sustained Total Body Well-Being

  • Increase Creative Flow

We are so excited about all the positive changes to be more globally supportive to the ASD communities, and we hope you are as well. Please reach out to me if you have any questions surrounding our new focus. As always, we are very grateful to you for your continued support.  Should you feel moved to donate towards building out the digital or physical Mindfulness Rooms as outlined above, you may use the link below. 

With Oceans of Gratitude and Care,

Amanda Shannon, Director

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